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7 Things to Avoid When You Build on Your Land


7-Things-to-Avoid-When-You-Build-on-Your-Land7 Things to Avoid When You Build on Your Land

If you’re ready to build on your land, you’re probably eager to jump right in! Building on your land is an exciting venture, ripe with possibilities, and you may think you’re ready to start the process as soon as possible. It’s important, however, to educate yourself before you build on your land to avoid some common pitfalls.


  1. Overshooting the budget is a common mistake. Make sure you know what you can afford to spend and have a firm handle on any hidden costs before you ever start to build on your land. Spend some time talking to your builder to be certain that you understand every cost involved in site preparation, utility connections, permits and all of the other costs in new home construction.
  2. Building the wrong size house for the community is another error you don’t want to make. If you’re interested in a modular home, they come in a wide variety of sizes, from quite small to extremely large. Get to know your neighborhood before you choose a floor plan, so your home will complement its surroundings beautifully.
  3. Do not fail to prepare for your family’s future.  When it’s time to build on your land, remember that the floor plan you select isn’t just for today, but for many tomorrows to come! Keep an eye to the future, and build a house that will work for your family, even as your family situation changes.
  4. Avoid the heartbreak of choosing the wrong builder. Shop around before you settle on a builder, and learn as much as you can about the builder’s reputation. Choose a professionalwith years of experience and plenty of happy, satisfied customers.
  5. Stay involved in the project. You want to be sure that the home you build on your land is truly up to your standards, so don’t leave it to chance. Stay abreast of the construction, and educate yourself so you’ll know the right questions to ask and requests to make.
  6. Don’t neglect to get everything in writing. From the floor plan to the financing, every aspect of building on your land is a business proposition. Don’t be swayed by special offers or tempted by a handshake. A reputable builder will put everything into the contract, to avoid any misunderstandings.
  7. Get your financing through the right people. Make sure to obtain the financing you deserve, with terms you can keep, from a company that’s reliable and trustworthy. If you buy a modular home through Palm Harbor Homes, not only will you be working with a dependable builder, but Palm Harbor can also provide you with a list of different licensed lenders who provide financing and mortgages for customers building and buying manufactured homes, modular homes and mobile homes.


When you’re ready to build on your land, Palm Harbor Homes can help. Offering beautifully constructed homes, featuring environmentally-friendly building practices and customizable floor plans, Palm Harbor’s helpful staff is ready and able to guide you through the entire process of building on your land. To learn more about how to build the home of your dreams, visit the website. For a deeper connection, join the online community on Facebook and Twitter  and YouTube.

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