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Build on Your Lot in 7 Steps

Build on Your Lot in 7 StepsBuild on Your Lot in 7 Steps

With a modular home, it’s easy to build on your lot in an efficient manner that will have you living in your new home in a matter of weeks! Constructed in a factory and assembled on your property, modular homes are made under conditions of strict quality control, so that when it comes time to build on your lot, your home is move-in ready. Many homeowners choose to act as their own contractors, but if you’re considering going this route—building on your lot yourself—there is definitely a correct method for doing so.

    • First, secure your financing. Make sure your credit report is accurate, and then go ahead and get pre-approval for your loan. You’ll start out with a construction loan, which will require finding a lender well versed in this type of financing, so it’s a good idea to ask your modular home provider for a referral. Often, these companies partner with financial institutions that can provide such loans, so the chances are good that the company will be able to put you in touch with the right people.


    • Next, make sure you have everything in place to start building on your lot. Before you begin to build on your lot, you’ll need to find out about things like easements, lot restrictions, the drainage on the lot, and whether the property is serviced by public utilities. If it is, you may need to pay connection or tap fees, and if it isn’t, you might need to have a septic system installed. You will also be responsible for purchasing permits, meeting building codes, and hiring inspectors, so be sure that you understand all these requirements and have a detailed plan in place before you begin construction.


    • Choose the right partners in the process. From the retailer who sells you your modular home to the company that manufacturers it, to the subcontractors who put it all together, you’ll need to find experienced professionals to help you make it happen. Be assertive in checking references and reviews to ensure that you make the right decisions.


    • Make sure you have enough insurance. Discuss various insurance options with your agent, but above all, make sure you have a Builder’s Risk policy. This is like homeowner’s insurance that covers your home during construction, and it is a must to protect you from loss.


    • Build on a firm foundation. Once you’ve closed on your loan, it’s time to get started. Have surveyors come out to determine the corners of the house, and then your crew will be able to excavate and lay the foundation. This process can take about a week, but it’s extremely important, because modular homes aren’t built to disguise a foundation’s imperfections; the foundation you build on your lot is the basis for your whole house, and must be put in place correctly. You will have several options for foundations, from a precast foundation system to an insulated concrete form, to a traditional block wall foundation. Talk to your builder to determine the best choice for your home.


    • Hire professionals for plumbing and ductwork. Your new home may require the installation of electrical outlets and phone jacks, as well as plumbing and a viable heating and cooling system. Make sure you hire subcontractors who can get these vital systems up and running quickly.


  • Get the right kind of inspection. Wrap up your project with a final inspection that will lead to your Certificate of Occupancy. This is a document required by your lender in order to close out your loan and convert it to a permanent mortgage. Although this final inspection is critical, your modular home has already gone go through many local building inspections throughout the construction process to ensure their high level of quality. Once you’ve settled up all your legal paperwork, you’ll be the proud owner of the new home you’ve been building on your lot!

With a modular home from Palm Harbor Homes, you can build on your lot with the confidence of knowing that you’re working with an industry leader. For over thirty years, Palm Harbor has cultivated a reputation for excellence, building high quality homes that meet or exceed customer expectations. For more information on how Palm Harbor can help you build on your lot, visit the website, or connect more deeply by joining the online community on Facebook and Twitter.

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