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CLEARANCE Sale: Move-in Ready Homes

CLEARANCE-Sale-Move-in-Ready-HomesCLEARANCE Sale: Move-in Ready Homes

If you’ve been shopping around for move-in ready homes, chances are good that you already know about Palm Harbor Homes. You probably know that Palm Harbor is an excellent place to buy a new home, because their move-in ready homes are well constructed, environmentally friendly, and affordably priced. What you may not already know, however, is that some of these ready-to-move-in homes are now priced even lower, because of the Palm Harbor Homes Clearance Blowout!


Move-in-ready homes from Palm Harbor offer a perfect way to buy a new home. Constructed in an environmentally-controlled environment, built to rigorous standards, sturdy and environmentally friendly, these move-in-ready homes have always been a great deal. Now, during the clearance blowout, you can search your preferred area, and find homes starting at prices as low as $26,999! Already established, on property in prime locations, these homes are such amazing deals that they won’t last long, so start your search as soon as possible!


Today’s modular homes come in a variety of sizes and styles. Move-in-ready homes from Palm Harbor can have as few as one bedroom, or as many as five bedrooms, and the square footage ranges from 500 square feet to over 3,000! Searching the clearance deals, you’ll find what you’re looking for, whether you’re interested in a particular neighborhood, or you want to stretch out across acres of land. City lot, country land, or something out in the suburbs, it’s all there, the home of your dreams on the property you’ve imagined, waiting for you to find it.


If you’re ready to move in, homes from Palm Harbor are ready for you! Visit the website to see what all the fuss is about, and to find the move-in ready home that’s right for your family. Then, foster a deeper connection by joining the online community on Facebook and Twitter and YouTube .

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2 Responses to “CLEARANCE Sale: Move-in Ready Homes”

  1. Macy Caldwell says:

    Looking for a 3 bedroom home to move to my property.

  2. More Home says:

    Macy – To find a Palm Harbor retailer near you, please visit http://www.palmharbor.com/model-centers/ and enter the city and state where your property is located or near where you would like to build your new manufactured or modular home. Then you will find a list of Homes on Display at that location as well as a listing of floor plans that you can purchase from that retailer.

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