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Did you miss American Dream Builders featuring Palm Harbor Modular Homes?

No worries!

Watch the full episode on Youtube.

For the 5th episode of “American Dream Builders,” Cavco Homes and Palm Harbor Homes provided 4 identical modular homes or Eco-cottages. Then the remaining eight designers are randomly placed in pairs and given the exact same pre-fabricated modular home to transform.  The designing pairs had to work together, from raw construction to final decoration. Nate Berkus and the judges announce the pairings: Dann Foley and Vanessa Deleon, Lukas Machnik and Erinn Valencich, Jay Riordan and Nina Magon and Darren Moore and Elaine Griffin.

The designers all worked with identical building structures and floor plans, had access to the same materials and had the same amount of time to work: just three days. At stake for the teams whose home is judged the best is immunity from elimination and a photo spread in “Better Homes and Gardens” magazine.

The American Dream Builders host Nate Berkus and judges Monica Pedersen and Eddie George in front of Cavco and Palm Harbor's modular Eco-cottagesThe American Dream Builders host Nate Berkus and judges Monica Pedersen and Eddie George in front of Cavco and Palm Harbor’s modular Eco-cottages

SPOILER ALERT:  In the end, the Neighborhood Council and the judges decided that Vanessa’s turquoise pillow and poor accessorizing meant that she could not continue any further in the contest. Whereas, Elaine and Darren’s creative use of space in the kitchen and the addition of a shoji screen to divide the living areas earned them the victory.  Look for a spread of their winning design on a modular home in the upcoming “Better Homes and Gardens” magazine.

Cavco and Palm Harbor's modular Eco-cottages being set up for NBC's American Dream BuildersCavco and Palm Harbor’s modular Eco-cottages being set up for NBC’s American Dream Builders

For more photos of the Model Modulars episode, visit NBC’s American Dream Builders Photo Galleries:

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