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Furnishing Your Home on a Budget? Check Out These Tips from Palm Harbor Homes!

Furnishing-Your-Home-on-a-Budget-Check-Out-These Tips from-Palm-Harbor-Homes!Furnishing Your Home on a Budget? Check Out These Tips from Palm Harbor Homes

Palm Harbor homes are so beautiful that if you’ve recently purchased one, you may be tempted to revamp your furnishings to match your new surroundings. Though Palm Harbor homes are affordable, new furniture often is not. Does that mean a furniture makeover is just a pipe dream? Absolutely not! There are plenty of ways to make your new custom home even more fabulous, without busting your budget.


  • Build your own. This tip isn’t for everyone. Unless you’re a seasoned craftsman, a sofa or dining table may be beyond your capability; however, almost anyone can assemble a headboard, from  just about any kind of material that suits personal style and taste. If you’re a little more ambitious and handy with tools, try designing one-of-a-kind pieces that will cost far less than custom pieces you’d buy elsewhere. Not up to challenge of furniture construction? If you’re good with a sewing machine, you can save money by fashioning your own window treatments, throw pillows, and sofa covers. Be sure to check out Palm Harbor’s Pinterest board for some great decorating-on-a-dime ideas!
  • Use what you’ve got. Sure, your old furniture might not match the aesthetic beauty of your new Palm Harbor home. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean you need to drag everything to the curb! Consider refinishing, repainting, re-covering, or even repurposing those old pieces to restore the luster in the treasures already in your possession. Sometimes all it takes is a new set of dresser knobs, or some bright throw pillows to spruce up your familiar furniture.
  • Shop for secondhand finds. Secondhand doesn’t have to mean thrift store; there are plenty of furniture consignment stores that offer beautiful pieces at discount prices. Craigslist, too, offers a wealth of options, as people who are downsizing often sell quality furnishings at a fraction of retail. Look for big-ticket items, but don’t overlook decorative details—sometimes an antique shop, furniture consignment shop, or quirky little resale shop can have the most interesting décor items.
  • Get it for free! What’s better than the price of furniture at a secondhand shop? The price of furniture on freecycle.org! Freecycle works on the premise that what someone might not need any longer may work perfectly in someone else’s home. Join the local group, and you’ll be able to receive notifications when new items are given away.
  • Pick pieces that serve more than one function. A storage ottoman is a perfect example of this: an attractive piece of living room furniture can also be a great place to stash the things you’d rather keep out of sight. Sleeper sofas and futons, of course, are more classic examples of great multipurpose pieces.


If you haven’t already purchased one of the gorgeous houses that Palm Harbor Homes has available, there’s a good chance you’ve never seen one! Customization and ready to inhabit in a much shorter time than traditional construction, Palm Harbor homes are created using green construction techniques and are built to last. For more information on modular and manufactured homes for sale, please visit the Palm Harbor Homes website, or connect with their online community on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter!

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