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Get More Home for Your Money: Build on Your Land to Maximize Your Money

More-Home -for-Your-MoneyGet More Home for Your Money: Build on Your Land to Maximize Your Money

If you own some rural property, you may discover that the best way to use it is to build on your land. Whether it’s you who is interested in living on the property, or you’d rather lease it to tenants, having a house on the land makes it much more valuable and flexible. To get more home for your money, consider choosing a modular home to build on your land.


  • If you already own land, you’re ahead of the game. Most people have to purchase a lot before they can begin building their dream homes. So if you have the opportunity to build on your land, consider yourself lucky! You’ll avoid the cost of purchasing property, and you’ll be able to focus your energy and resources on planning for the perfect house.
  • Before you build on your land, make sure the land is ready. A property survey is a great place to start, because it can inform you as to issues that need to be addressed before proceeding. You’ll know the zoning for your property, and you’ll be able to ascertain whether you’d be better off splitting up the parcel—perhaps even selling a portion. Be mindful of easements, which can sometimes complicate the process when build on your land.
  • Modular homes are ready when you are. Once you have the go-ahead to build on your land, a modular home can be assembled in a matter of weeks—not months, as is the norm with traditional construction. In addition, modern modular homes are customizable, so that your house will not only be built quickly, but it will be exactly the house you want, without all the hassle of finding a builder with your same vision.
  • Choosing the right modular homebuilder could save you a world of headaches. Choose a company with a good reputation, committed to using high-quality materials and green building practices. You’ll be able to confidently choose the house that’s right for your property, without hiring an architect, puzzling over blueprints, and paying exorbitant fees to a general contractor. Modular home construction is much less expensive than traditional construction, so you’ll get more home for your money, and more use out of your land.


When you’re ready to build on your land, Palm Harbor Homes has the perfect home for you. Well-constructed, customizable, and move-in ready much more quickly than traditionally constructed homes, Palm Harbor homes are beautiful and built to last.  For more information on building on your land or modular and manufactured homes for sale, please join us on Facebook and Twitter!

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