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How to Build On Your Lot

Your home is where you retreat to for safety, comfort and time with family, which is why the house you build on your lot should be perfect in every way. That’s a lot of pressure, but when you divide the home-building process into nine manageable steps with Palm Harbor Homes, the confusing experience turns into an attainable goal.

modular home on your lotA modular home set on your lot

Here’s what it takes to build a manufactured home or modular home on your lot.

Select the Site

If you haven’t already selected a lot, Palm Harbor Homes would be glad to help with the process. The site you choose should suit your budget and lifestyle.

Inspect the Site

Before settling on the selected site, Palm Harbor completes an inspection to ensure the home you want to build on your lot is appropriate. On-site professionals explore possible issues with flood plains, easements and other local codes. This is also the time to discuss further amenities you want with your manufactured or modular home, such as a deck, garage, driveway and sidewalks.

Test and Inspect the Systems

With the initial off-site construction phase complete, Palm Harbor moves the home to a testing area where quality inspectors follow an extensive checklist of systems and appliances to ensure full functionality.

Deliver the Home

A professional Palm Harbor driver delivers the home to be built on your lot. You can count on timely, reliable delivery from these experienced drivers.

Install the Home

The foundation should be completed by now, so the home can be installed on-site. Installation professionals supervise the process to ensure the home is properly secured to the foundation.

Prepare the Home

The final construction phase begins once the home is secured to the foundation. Everything is leveled and secured to meet or exceed specifications. This step is vital to providing a safe, durable modular or manufactured home for you and your family.

Put in the Finishing Touches

A technician inspects every facet of the home from the inside out to ensure weather-tight integrity, properly hung doors, quality cabinetry and countertops, functional electrical, mechanical and plumbing systems, and much more.

Inspect the Home One Final Time

Palm Harbor Homes completes a final walkthrough to make sure everything is in order for your move-in. At this point, the counters have been cleaned, the floors swept, and the house is ready for your family to make it a home.

Move In

Once finances are in order, you will receive your certificate of occupancy and begin to move into your dream home. The process is complete and you have absolute peace of mind with a five-year protection plan and the undeniable high quality of a Palm Harbor manufactured or modular home built on your lot.

With over 500 floor plans to choose from, Palm Harbor Homes has the perfect home design to help you live more comfortably. So, what are you waiting for? Find a Model Center near you today! You can also visit us online at Facebook, YouTube, Twitter or Pinterest.

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