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How to Customize the Interior of Your Move-in-Ready Home


How-to-Customize-the-Interior-of-Your-Move-in-Ready-homeHow to Customize the Interior of Your Move-in-Ready home


Move-in-ready homes are inexpensive and convenient, built on your land in a fraction of the time it takes to build a home using traditional construction techniques. Not only that, but move-in-ready homes are built to very exacting standards, under strict quality control, in a factory, so that they will be of the highest-quality construction once assembled.  However, one of the best features of a move-in-ready home is the ability to make it your own, by customizing the interior.

How many options do you have? Palm Harbor Homes gives you plenty, so that you can make your new home uniquely yours, by paying attention to all the little details.

  • Cabinetry and fixtures: Palm Harbor offers high-quality options like solid-surface countertops, tile countertops, and laminate countertops. Pick cabinetry and fixtures to complement your chosen look, and you’ll be able to pull together the perfect decorating scheme for you. Palm Harbor even has DuraBuilt cabinets, for those who prefer a custom touch.
  • Flooring: Carpets are available in many different colors and varieties, from sculptured to plush. Flooring, too, comes in a variety of styles, and whether you prefer laminate, ceramic tile, or linoleum, you can have the look you want.
  • Colors: Choose the colors that complement your style, from a wide spectrum that includes all the latest designer hues you could want to truly make your home your own.
  • Amenities: Want sculptured drywall? It’s yours. High ceilings? Palm Harbor builds move-in-ready homes with 9- to 10-foot ceilings, for those who prefer them. Dreaming of hand-laid ceramic tile? It’s yours! You can even have your floor plan modified by Palm Harbor engineers, for an extra level of customization.

Palm Harbor’s move-in ready-homes are beautiful and economical and built to stand the test of time. Customization options enable you to make your home the perfect home for your family. For more information on building on your land, manufactured, move-in-ready homes, and modular homes, contact us at, or join us on our social networks: Facebook, Twitter, and, YouTube.

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