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Make Your Modular Home Look Even Bigger with These Interior Design Tips

Make-Your-Modular-Home-Look-Even-Bigger-with-these-Interior-Design-TipsMake Your Modular Home Look Even Bigger with These Interior Design Tips


A modular home is a great housing option. Built in a factory, under strictly controlled conditions, these homes can be constructed on your property in far less time than it takes to build a home with traditional construction. Easily customizable, they can be built to your specifications, with custom finishes you’d expect from a high-quality builder. A modular home makes a wonderful starter home, and these homes come in many sizes, some with floor plans from 2,000 to over 3,000 square feet. If yours is not quite that large, don’t worry:  there are some simple steps you can take to make it appear larger.

  • Trick the eye with smoke and mirrors. Ok, maybe not smoke, but mirrors certainly create the illusion of a larger space. Keep this concept in mind as you decorate your modular home— reflective surfaces like glass-top tables and mirrored cabinet doors will also create a sense of more area.
  • Lighten up! Dark colors can be cozy, but they can also make a small space feel like the walls are closing in. Opt for lighter shades, and make sure your modular home also has plenty of light by placing light fixtures around your rooms, rather than relying solely on overhead illumination.
  • Make the most of optical illusions. You know how pinstripe pants make your legs appear longer? A striped floor can do the same thing for a room! Another trick is to choose furniture that is within a shade or two of your wall color—they will seem to take up less space.
  • Use your space wisely. Don’t try to display everything you own, because that will just end up making your rooms seem cluttered. Do you know what else will make the room seem cluttered? Clutter! Keep surfaces clear, and your modular home will seem larger.
  • Think creatively to utilize all space. Optimize your vertical space and use small spaces resourcefully. Hang pots from the ceiling, or build shelves that use the wall’s full height. Hang an organizer behind the door, or create a storage area in the nook under the stairs. Be imaginative, and you’ll discover that you have more space than you think.
  • Make furniture choices with your space in mind. This doesn’t just mean choosing pieces that fit, it means using pieces that create space on their own. A storage ottoman, for example, does double duty, as does a trundle bed or a coffee table with a shelf underneath. In a crowded bedroom, a loft bed can clear up valuable floor space and make room for seating, a desk, shelving, or toys. Remember, too, that you don’t always need all of your furniture—accent pieces that you need when guests are visiting may not be necessary for your everyday life.

A modular home from Palm Harbor Homes can be customized to meet your needs, whether that means innovative affordability, or a floor plan with some extra space. For more information on building on your land, manufactured homes, and modular homes contact us at, or join us on our social networks: Facebook, Twitter, and, YouTube.

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