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Modular Home Building Success with Propane Gas

From www.buildwithpropane.com

Nationwide-modular homes_Propane_688x283Nationwide Custom Homes has been building modular homes in Martinsville, Virginia, for over 55 years. Like Palm Harbor Homes, they are a member of the Cavco family of builders and  built the 55+ home for NAHB’s International Builders’ show this year.  Although this home was designed to meet the specific needs of the Baby Boomer buyer, most of these features have multi-generational appeal.

A signature feature of Nationwide’s 55+ show house was its use of propane for its systems in addition to its cooking and drying appliances.  Donald Aheron, vice president of Engineering for Nationwide Homes, said that propane is especially important to those who are building a home in rural areas where natural gas may not be available.  Being able to seamlessly provide cost saving features like propane in high quality, attractive modular homes is a key factor to the long-term success of Nationwide.

Why Propane?

Propane allows rural Nationwide home builders to take advantage of important cost savings features such as tankless water heaters and natural gas fireplaces for supplemental heat. It also ensures that rural homeowners can use whole house generators so they do not have to endure all-to-frequent power outages without heat. Of course, highly sought after amenities such as gas stoves and gas dryers are also available with the integration of propane in modular homes.

Donald Aheron explains the important details about how modular homes are constructed and the benefits of propane gas in this informative video below.  Learn more about modular homes and propane at www.buildwithpropane.com.


Nationwide builds and sells modular homes through independent builders in Virginia, West Virginia,  Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Ohio, and much of the Northeast.  You can also see Nationwide floor plans for modular and manufactured homes on www.palmharbor.com in these same states in addition to Palm Harbor homes in Florida, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico and Louisiana.

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