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Palm Harbor Homes: Energy Efficient for Summer


Palm-Harbor-Homes-Energy-Efficient-for-SummerPalm Harbor Homes: Energy Efficient for Summer


If you’re interested in energy efficient construction, you should take a closer look at Palm Harbor Homes.  Built using green construction practices, and designed to help keep energy costs down, modular houses built by Palm Harbor Homes have earned recognition from both the United States Environmental Protection Agency and the National Association of Home Builders. The recognition, however, is not the motivation behind the high quality construction of Palm Harbor Homes; these homes are designed to last, as the company continues to strive for excellence in energy efficiency.


  • Palm Harbor Homes became an EPA ENERGY STAR homebuilding partner in 1997. ENERGY STAR enacts programs and certifies products designed to help preserve the environment, while at the same time saving consumers money by conserving energy. Palm Harbor’s partnership with ENERGY STAR highlights the company’s dedication and commitment to building energy efficient homes.
  • One year after Palm Harbor Homes entered the Energy Star program, the EPA awarded the company the ENERGY STAR Manufactured Homebuilder of the Year award. This special commendation is awarded because of the achievement of outstanding energy efficiency, and Palm Harbor Homes was the first builder of manufactured homes to ever receive this honor.
  • The National Association of Home Builders, (NAHB), awarded Palm Harbor Homes a prestigious award in 2006. Recognizing the company’s commitment to energy efficient construction, the NAHB gave Palm Harbor Homes the Gold Energy Value Housing Award.
  • The company was recognized by ENERGY STAR once again in 2005 and 2007. Though not every Palm Harbor home is ENERGY STAR certified, in 2005 the company built more than 300 ENERGY STAR qualified homes in one year, earning an Outstanding Achievement Award. In 2007, the EPA recognized Palm Harbor Homes as an ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year, awarding the company this honor for continued efforts to build energy efficient homes that reduce greenhouse gases and lower utility bills for customers.
  • Refusing to rest on past laurels, Palm Harbor Homes continues to work towards higher energy efficiency. Palm Harbor has developed a partnership with North Carolina A&T University, which monitors the energy efficiency in two Palm Harbor Homes. One of these is standard construction, while the other highlights many unique features designed to save energy and lower the cost of utility bills. This study is just part of the research that continues to seek new progress and innovation in order to allow the company contained growth and improvement.


One of the largest marketers of factory-built homes, Palm Harbor Homes has delivered value, quality, and customer satisfaction for more than 40 years. With a well-deserved reputation for innovation in design and construction, the company continually strives to build homes that exceed customer expectations.  For more information on building on your land, manufactured homes and modular homes contact us at or join us on our social networks: Google+, Facebook, Twitter, and, YouTube.

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