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Palm Harbor Homes FAQ

Palm Harbor Homes FAQPalm Harbor Homes

For over three decades, Palm Harbor Homes has been a leader in the modular home and manufactured home industry, providing high quality homes. Still, people who are unfamiliar with these homes often have questions, wondering if a pre-constructed modular or manufactured home can possibly meet their needs. Here, Palm Harbor Homes answers many of the questions you might have about modular and manufactured homes in general, and Palm Harbor Homes in particular.

    • Why buy a modular home? Modular and manufactured homes are constructed in an environmentally-protected factory and then assembled on your lot or in a community. Factory construction means a high level of quality control, with homes designed to be durable and structurally sound. It also means cost-effective construction, as building materials are purchased in bulk and the savings are passed along to the homebuyers. There is also far less waste because every scrap is recycled.


    • What makes Palm Harbor Homes so special? Palm Harbor builds homes of the highest quality construction materials, so they’re strong, durable, and energy efficient. If you’re interested in green construction, Palm Harbor is the company for you, because the green options offered in a Palm Harbor home don’t just reduce your carbon footprint, they can also help you save money each month on utilities bills.


    • I don’t want a tiny house; how large are Palm Harbor homes? You might not realize it, but factory-built homes can be quite large! Need five bedrooms and three baths? You can have that, in a modular or manufactured home that’s over 3,000 square feet in area. Of course, not everyone needs a large home, and that’s why the homes come in a variety of sizes and floor plans.


    • What if I have specific preferences for my home? Aren’t modular and manufactured homes all the same? If you don’t want to live in a cookie-cutter house, you’re in luck. Palm Harbor homes have many customization options. Talk to a representative about all you can do to make your home uniquely yours.


  • How quickly can I expect my new home to be constructed? This may be the best part! A manufactured and manufactured home takes mere weeks to construct in the factory, meaning that you have the opportunity to move into your new home in a fraction of the time of traditional construction.


Palm Harbor Homes has a well-deserved reputation for innovative design, quality construction, and lasting customer satisfaction. It all comes down to a philosophy of attending to one customer at a time, in order to help customers attain their dream homes. If you have questions that aren’t answered here, or you simply want to learn more about what Palm Harbor Homes can do for you, visit the website or, for a deeper connection, join the online community on Facebook and Twitter.

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