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Should I Consider a Home Community?

Owning or rending land in a manufactured home community has many advantages to consider.Owning or renting land in a manufactured home community has many advantages to consider.

When you are looking for a particular place to put your manufactured home, you may consider a manufactured home community. There are parcels of land specifically reserved for manufactured and modular homes. There are some big benefits to moving into a home community. Palm Harbor Homes has information and resources about home communities and available land to place your manufactured or modular home. Here are a few things you need to consider.

Does the Home Community Location Work for You?

Just like any home, you want to consider the location of your home and where it is compared to your work, schools, and other services that you would need like a grocery store, pharmacy, or hospital.

Land Chosen for Manufactured Construction

Finding the perfect piece of land that is leveled and cleared for development can be harder than you think. In a home community, the available land has already been scoped out and determined a perfect location for a manufactured home. Also, you can be assured that you won’t run into deed restrictions or zoning issues.

Less Expensive Development

Because the areas of land have typically already been cleared, building a home inside a home community can be less expensive than finding your own lot. The financial savings can help you spend money elsewhere, like decorating your brand new home.

Like-Minded Neighbors

In a home community where your neighbors also have manufactured and modular homes, you share at least one interest! You both have an affordable and quality manufactured home. There are senior-specific communities with great amenities as well such as golf, clubhouses, recreation clubs, and more. With a whole neighborhood of manufactured homes, it creates a sense of unique sense community that isn’t seen typically with brick and mortar homes.

Ready for a Home? Call Palm Harbor Homes

When you are ready to purchase a new home to put on land or in a community, contact the team at Palm Harbor Homes. Look through our floor plans or talk to one of our customer representatives for available move-in ready homes!

For more information, call 1-888-466-3718 to talk to a manufactured home expert at Palm Harbor Homes.


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