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The Importance of Transparency with Your Home Manufacturer

Choose your Manufacturer CarefullyWhen you are buying a manufactured home, be sure your manufacturer will let you take a factory tour to see for yourself how they build homes.

When you are thinking of purchasing a manufactured home, you want to know exactly what caliber of home you are investing your money into. You want the assurance that the home you are purchasing is made from durable, quality materials. Confidence in your home manufacturer comes with complete transparency in the building process from start to finish. Palm Harbor Homes is one of the few companies that welcome customers to come in to tour our building facilities. Below are a few reasons why it is important as a home manufacturer to be completely transparent with their construction process.

Nothing to Hide

When you are confident in your building process, you don’t need to hide anything. With our SmartPlus® construction methods, we are happy to share what makes our homes better than other manufactured homes on the market. All our building centers are environmentally protected and committed to energy efficiency. That means you get a completely energy efficient home that is both long-lasting and will save you monthly on your utility costs. Here are the steps that occur from beginning to end when you purchase a home with Palm Harbor Homes:

  • Site selection – Choose where you are going to place your new home.
  • Site inspection – We will ensure the location is ideal for placement of your home.
  • Systems test and inspection – We build and test everything before the home leaves the building center to ensure we provide you with a perfectly functioning home.
  • Transportation – A transport professional delivers your home to the site.
  • Home installation – Trained installation professionals promptly secure your home and get utilities installed. Be sure that the installation and tie down is inspected and meets state guidelines.
  • Home preparation – We walk through your home with you to make sure your home meets your expectations and is fully functioning as it should.

If you have any questions about our home building process, we are happy to share with you all the information you need to make your purchasing decision.

 Benefits of a Factory-Built Home

Traditional home builders construct their homes and store the raw materials outside in the elements where they are exposed to rain, humidity, and dirt. With our factory, we can continue to build your home despite inclement weather conditions. The result is that you get your customized home built faster, without the risk of using damaged materials. We are completely open with our building process and invite any prospective clients to visit one of our factories for a personalized tour. If you are unable to travel to our factory, watch our video tour to get a sense of how we manufacture our high-quality luxury manufactured homes.

Our customers trust us because of our 100% transparency as a home manufacturer. For more information, call Palm Harbor Homes at 1-888-466-3718 today!

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2 Responses to “The Importance of Transparency with Your Home Manufacturer”

  1. Wess Jackson says:

    I’m considering a Palm Harbor Home and would like to compare warranty information with other manufacturers.
    Will you please forward a copy of your warranty?

  2. More Home says:

    We have several different warranties on our homes, including an industry-leading 12-year structural warranty at this time. You can find a copy of our primary service agreement here – Other warranty information will be more localized and is available from your local Palm Harbor dealer. You can find one near you at

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