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The Pros of Vacationing in a Tiny Home

Some of the best vacations are road trips and some are time spend together in a tiny house spending quality time together and making memories.Some of the best vacations are road trips and some are time spent together in a tiny house – quality time together  making memories for a lifetime.

For many, the idea of a vacation is stripping away the excess and focusing on the things that matter. The tiny home movement has been growing by leaps and bounds. The combination of these two ideas has created a surge of people are finding that taking a vacation in a tiny home is the perfect balance of unique fun with all the necessities, and family closeness. Palm Harbor Homes has multiple tiny home floor plans to create your own tiny oasis wherever you go.

Close Family Time

In many families, time together means going off off to different corners of the home – isolated. However, in a small home with only a few hundred square feet to move around, you can enjoy spending time with those you love most, disconnected from iPhones, tablets, and social media. Many families that vacation in a tiny home find that they learn something new about each other that they didn’t know. A vacation in a tiny home is sure to deliver quality time throughout your adventure together.

Less Time Inside

A vacation in a tiny home will also encourage you to go out and explore during the day. Tiny home vacation spots are frequently located amidst vast natural beauty. Imagine your tiny house as an elaborate, comfortable tent that can work as your home base. Hike, bike, climb, or whatever interests you. Afterwards, you know that you have your tiny home to come back to and relax.

Affordable Trips

Owning or renting out a tiny home can be much more affordable when compared to staying in a hotel. Hotel rooms in popular areas can be upwards of $200 per night. With a tiny home, you can vacation whenever you want at an incredibly affordable price. Palm Harbor Homes has a full line of tiny and small homes that bring a high level of quality at an affordable price.

If you are interested in a tiny vacation home, contact Palm Harbor Homes today. Call 1-888-466-3718 for more information about our available floor plans.

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