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Tiny Homes: The Advantages of Living Small

The Waverly from Palm Harbor in FloridaThe Waverly model is a little larger than the typical tiny house at 550 square feet, but it captures a ton of character and charm into a tiny foot pint.

The craze of tiny homes has swept across the nation as many people are taking a hard look at their lifestyle and trading in their dreams of excessive square footage for the bare necessities. By definition, a tiny house is one that is less than 400 square feet. While that may not seem like enough space to even think clearly, families across the nation are finding solace in the little things. Here are just some of the advantages to downsizing.

Tiny House, Tiny Mortgage
In a time of stagnated salaries, minimal job opportunities, and many younger families being saddled with significant debt, a small mortgage is not only attractive, but may be the only way for many

The Waverly tiny home from Palm Harbor in FloridaThe Waverly model is a little larger than the typical tiny house at 550 square feet, but it captures a ton of character and charm into a tiny foot pint.

to own a home in the near future. Many tiny house owners tend to build their houses from scratch using scrap yards, closeout deals, and rejected materials in a mismatched labor of love. While prices vary, you also have to add in the value of your time. Building a home is no easy feat and could take hundreds, if not thousands of hours.

Location Flexibility
Because of their small stature, tiny houses are easily placed on lots that may have been a challenge to fit a normal sized home. Some tiny houses are even built on trailers, allowing owners the freedom to move on a whim. It is important to check local zoning ordinances to see what is and is not allowed in certain areas. You may need to slightly adjust your expectations or blueprints to be in regulation.

You Don’t Have to Build It Yourself
Due to the growing popularity of tiny houses, manufacturers are taking notice and providing smaller options. Palm Harbor has several models including the 12351, The Horizon, and others that boast a square footage of less than 400 square feet. This can help you to save the time and hassle of procuring your own floor plans, materials, and labor. Palm Harbor can make your tiny home dreams come true!

 For more information about Palm Harbor’s tiny houses, contact us at 1-888-466-3718. We are happy to help you find a home that fits your vision.

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2 Responses to “Tiny Homes: The Advantages of Living Small”

  1. Teresa Sturm says:

    How much is the 550sqft cottage shown

  2. More Home says:

    Teresa – The cottage shown here is the Waverly, built out of the Palm Harbor Homes, Plant City, Florida, building center. You are in luck! Currently the Waverly model we have on display at our Model Center there in Plant City has been reduced to $55,000! If you want more information on where to go to see this model or whom to contact for more information, here is a link to more photos, contact info, etc. http://www.palmharbor.com/model-center/plantcity/stock/stock-134161-2-9-ELG1476B/

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