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Top 5 Reasons to Build on Your Lot

Top 5 Reasons to Build on Your LotPalm Harbor Homes

If you’re ready to build on your lot, you may find the process is stressful and challenging. Finding a competent builder is not always easy and requires a great deal of legwork, as you check references and research each builder’s background. Further, real estate can be expensive, and when you build a new home, you may end up paying for pricey land, as well as hidden costs you were not expecting when you started. If you already own property and are able to build on your lot, half the battle is won. When you choose a modular or manufactured home, you’re in even better shape.

    • Building on your lot saves you from the headache of finding a spot in a pre-existing development. You’ll have the freedom to build the home you want, without the constraints of a neighborhood association or the inflexibility of a builder.


    • A modular home that you can build on your lot saves you the hassles inherent in traditional construction. Often, new home construction is interrupted mid-process, because the project has gone over budget. Until the homeowner finds the funding to satisfy builder demands, the home building cannot proceed. With a modular home on your own lot, you there’s a greater likelihood you won’t encounter surprise problems or costs. The actual construction of the home can typically be completed in a matter of weeks, and the cost is reasonable.


    • When you choose the right company to build on your lot, you can build with confidence in the process. You don’t have to hassle with finding the right builder or architect or worry about low-bidding sub-contractors. You can trust in the experience of the manufacturer, especially when the company has been building modular homes for decades.


    • A company like Palm Harbor Homes offers a wide variety of floor plans and options, so the home you’re building on your lot can truly be the home of your dreams. The customizable modular homes offered by Palm Harbor can be adjusted to suit your tastes, meet your needs, and even fit the topography of your lot.


  • Modular homes come with a warranty, so the home you build on your lot is protected. An experienced manufacturer will provide you with a warranty that stands behind their work, because they have confidence in the quality of the homes they build. In addition, Palm Harbor Homes partners with companies that can help you get the financing and insurance you need.

When you’re ready to build on your lot, Palm Harbor Homes is ready to help.  With over thirty years of experience, Palm Harbor is a leader in the modular home industry, with a reputation for building high-quality homes. To learn about the selection of homes Palm Harbor can build on your lot, visit the website; for a deeper connection, join the online community on Facebook and Twitter.

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